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Porthole Livebearer

Does any one have any info on caring for the Porthole Livebearer (Poecilopsis gracilis)? I'm strongly considering adding a small group but need more info first
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Thanks very much Just what I needed
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That means you'll post pictures if you decide to get them right? Please?
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Sure I haven't posted any yet might be a good time to learn.
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Hey when you get fry please offer some for sale in the classifieds here. A lot of folks don't have any experience with the wild type livebearers.
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Absolutely,I'd only charge for the shippng.Always willing to promote wild types
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Did you end up getting a group?
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Poecilopsis gracilis are very nice looking fish easy to keep and breed a temperature of about 74 F suits them well. It is best to feed some live foods in their is diet. Quite a peaceful species it is best to have a few plants for cover. when adults are kept well fed they usually leave the young alone.
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No I haven't got them yet.My original plan was to add them to an already established tank but was informed fry predation would be a problem So I'm having to set up a species tank for them I hope to have them within the next six weeks.
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