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Thanks Michelle! I've heard that neons can be a bad mix with bettas - I took a couple precautions to try to eliminate any aggression, and so far they mostly leave each other alone. But I did know it was a risk. I got lucky, my betta is pretty mellow. She just likes to swim back and forth the length of my tank in peace (avoiding the air stones, of course). I also made sure she had a couple surface hiding spots (floating foam flowers that give her space to hide between the petals when I turn it upside down), and she was the last fish to go into the tank so she had no time to feel territorial in the tank alone.

Hopefully she'll do well when I switch the neons with a platy that's more her size.
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Another suggestion, is Head and Tail Lights, ours did well together, I love Beta's we actually own 3, and trying to mix them is not always easy. Good Luck, hope she does well for you!
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So I took some combined advice and moved 1 male sunburst platy into my other tank. I added 2 female red wag platies. That tank also has 3 cories and 1 female betta. I realized afterward that it might be a bit overstocked, but I really don't want to try to move any of them. The betta can't go in my other tank because the current is too strong in it. It seems to be going OK, no aggression so far.

Actually, one of my red wags spawned yesterday. I expect that she was knocked up when I got her because I've only had her about 3 days. My betta was swimming behind her eating the fry as they popped out - what a brat. I think 1 or 2 of them may have survived though, I saw them swimming into one of the fake flowers I have at the bottom of the tank.

It made me wonder... am I terrible for letting the fish breed and letting the fry get immediately eaten? I think of the nature shows where they show the just-hatched sea turtles being snatched off the beach and the 2 out of 50 that might make it to the water, and it always makes me cry. Am I doing the live-bearing fish equivalent of sea-turtle snatching?
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I would not feel bad about letting the fry be eaten. The fry that are born in my community tank become snacks for the corys and the angels, along with anyone else that may find them. It is part of nature. I do have a 10 gallon tank right now that is dedicated to just raising fry that has two batches in it right now. Think of it this way a female platy is going to drop fry usually about once a month, depending on the age of the female you could have anywhere from about 10 up to 60 fry born from one female. That adds up to be alot of babies from one female. Very quickly you will run out of room, even if you have an outlet for them as they get larger, either people to give them to, or a local store that will take them. In the community setting with enough hiding places you will more than likely have a few survivors each month, and you may end up eventually finding out you have more than you have room for.
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I think the fishowner is entitled to their own opinion as to the destiny of their baby fish. If Im ever in that predicament, I hope I can find homes for them. It might help if the platies are purebred rather than a mixed color. Just an opinion.
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I have a local pet/fish store that will likely take them. I'm not breeding on purpose, so I expect that most of them will get eaten. I have a 2nd tank and am considering upgrading one of them anyway, so I can keep a couple before I have to start giving them away. 1 of the fry definitely survived, I spotted a very very tiny little red wag swimming around a few days ago. It's adorable!
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