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This is a discussion on Platy Tankmates within the Livebearers forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> I think if you want to keep a school of Panda Cories (6x) with your 3x Platies, it should be fine. (this is without ...

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Sailfin Molly
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I think if you want to keep a school of Panda Cories (6x) with your 3x Platies, it should be fine. (this is without the guppies).

If you want to add a couple of Red Cherry Shrimps along with that, make sure there's hiding places for the shrimps. My Pandas don't bother them, and I haven't seen the Platy bother them either.

A Zebra Nerite Snail or Green Horned Nerite (smaller) would be fine as well.

Just so you know... Platys breed like crazy. I started out with 3 late November... a batch of 4 frys survived, then another batch of 6 frys... and I'm seeing another 2 frys right now... so now I have about 15ish Platies of varying stages. Luckily this is in my 36 gallon... and when they start growing out completely, I have a LFS that will take them in if needed.
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Six seems like a little much for the cories. Would maybe 3-4 work? I've have the baby situation under control too. I also have a LFS that will take them. I bought a net breeder and will save as many babies as my tank can hold until they can be given tho the LFS. I am a little unsure on how I will hold them until the LFS will take them though. Thanks for the help!
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