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Platy Pregnant?

I put in my male and female platy with 2 loaches in september when i joined in september I heard it takes 28 days for them to give birth. i havent seen any babies.
I look at the old photos when i just got it and the stomach seems pretty large now.

Just wanted to save a few or all fry if i can. Any advice? The male seems to harass the female now.

Should i move her? Dont want to be too early.
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you know she's pregnant if she has a black spot on her belly. I would just move her as long as the other tank works just to save as many fry as possible. Also if you don't like breeding traps put in breeding grass. I helps alot by giving fry a place to hide until it's safe to come out.
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it wouldnt hurt to get a breeders net that hangs on the insude of your current tank.

"Fish are friends not food"
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I think one of my platies is pregnant too since it did get fatter in the past week and I've had it for two weeks. What are other signs of a pregnant platy?
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with the male harassing the female i would get another female.

the types fish that i have r?
mollies 4 normal 1 sailfin
platies 4
guppies lots
swordtails 8 normal 1 bouble swordtail
bristle nose catfish-5 albino 5 normal
white clouds
2 albino and 1 bronze corydoras
Zebra danios 4 normal 1spotted 1 albino longfin
1 Betta red/blue/purple
bristle nose fry
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