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Unhappy platy looks crooked

Help, my platies look like they are having trouble swimming straight. They are turning sideways and look a little crooked and the 2 that I am sure are females are trying to nip at each other. Like their heads are going one way and the body is going another. The male just looks fat. My water params are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 10 nitrate, just did my routine water change sat of about 20-30%. Any suggestions!!!!

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How long have you had the platies? Do they truly look crooked? Or do they just swim crooked? I have noticed that occasionally after a livebearer gives birth its spine becomes slightly arched for a couple of days. They usually turn out fine.

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I've had them for a couple of weeks. Today so far they look fine. If either of them dropped any fry I have not found any. Last night it looked like they could not get their balance together..........

I am keeping a close eye on them. Thanks much

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oh are they better?
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