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Platy or guppy confusion!

Got a batch of assorted guppies 2 weeks ago, all very cute :D

One is confusing me a bit. At first it was small and looked like a guppy but I am not so sure now..

Kinda looks like a feeder guppy crossed with platy,, is that even possible???

Here you guys take a look and tell me what you think.
Still love it I'm just curious.
Sorry about the water spots on the glass,been doing water changes and replanting :)

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wow intresting senorio you have there, from the pictures though she does look like a platy possibly a molly (?) ( i dont really know mollies well).
im not sure that a guppy and platy can interbreed though, guppies and mollies can, and swordtails and platies can interbreed not sure about any others. good luck :D
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Guppies and platies will never crossbreed with each other as both are from different genus. Your fish is a most likely a molly.

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Or it could be the guppy/molly hybrid. ...I can't figure out why else a molly would be in a batch of assorted guppies otherwise.
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looks like a mollie to me. i've never seen one that color before though, so it might be a hybrid, but its definitely not a pure guppy.
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I wonder how it gone in the batch of guppies??? Must have jumped from a nearby tank at the wholesaler.
The male guppy is very interested in it and I have seen the mating! I doubt I will amount to anything...
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That's a molly. I got a bunch of mollies with a batch of 3 dozen feeder guppies I got a couple of months ago. Gorgeous little fish. The females are pushing an insh and a half now, and the males about an inch. Really looking forward to seeing how these develop.

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balloon platy
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Originally Posted by aquakid
balloon platy
No. That's a wild type livebearer. I believe it's Poecilia sphenops, but there are at least a half dozen other fish it could be. It is not any kind of platy, nor does it have the balloon deformity.

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Very cute regardless, your tank looks sick too! How about a full tank shot? :D

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