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Platy going to die?

I have a 10 gallon cycled tank with 4 platies and 4 panda cories. Water parameters are 0 for ammonia and nitrite. Nitrate was 20ppm before I did a water change.

Today everyone was active and acting normally. I did a 30% water change this afternoon and now for the past 2 hours my only male platy has been hiding under a decoration at the bottom of the tank. He isn't moving but he is still alive.

Any idea what could be wrong? He is the only fish acting weird. I know I used water conditioner and the water was the same temperature. I fed them a few tiny pieces of cooked spinach yesterday but I've fed it to them before so I'm not sure that was it..
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Its not to uncommon for fish to shy away a while after a traumatic event, he might have just panicked during the water change, give him some time and watch for any other signs of illness. Also check you pH to make sure the water from your tap hasn't changed to dramatically compared to the tank water.
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