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Sooo cute!!!
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whoa!! 61! my highest is 28!!
i heard someone got 141 babies!! from a single mom! i will try to ge the link to it...



20 GALLON- 2 female guppies, 20 fry(born 11-26-10)

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That's unbelievable!!
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Thats alot of babies. The most I ever heard. I had almost 20 fry last week but most of them are back at the pet store now except 1. lol I hope its another female so that there wil be 3 females again and 1 male.

They are adorable! Congrads. ^^ How many adult platies do you have in total? So there are 61 babies all together?

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Wow! =O

What is your set up for your "maternity ward"?

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No, the mom that just had babies had 61 total, 58 of which were alive. I wonder if the other 3 got squished in there or something? lol They just came out not moving.

I've moved all the babies into the fry tank with all the other babies, and everyone seems to be doing pretty good. It seems that there are a couple deaths each day... today I only found 1, yesterday, none, but the day before that I found 2.

My maternity ward is a small 5 gallon tank. It has a heater and a small in tank filter... but I do water changes everyday to be sure that expecting moms have the best water conditions. The tank is pretty much bare. But I do put in 2 plastic "turf" squares. They are about 8x8 and probably 2 1/2 inches tall of greenery for the babies to fall through and hide in. I weigh that down with those flower arrangement rock/glass decoration. And I don't move the mom in until she is just a few days away from delivery.

I have 3 males and 9 females. =) Only 4 of the females seem to have babies. Either way... the fry tank is LOADED... so I won't be separating mothers out to drop their fry until these ones are grown and gone and I have an empty fry tank to start with again! =) It's fun!
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aww there awsome...i love getting new guppy fry in my tank :):):)

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Aw! Platy fry are adorable :D <3

Congrats! Seeing fry grow up is fun too ^.^

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how r they doing



20 GALLON- 2 female guppies, 20 fry(born 11-26-10)
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Some of them are getting really big! There's a couple of them that are already about an inch long. But most of them are around 1/2 inch.

Lot's of deaths though. I have no idea how many are left, but I have siphoned up about 25-30 in the last month. So the odds are still really good overall. The tank looks busy with little babies all over the place and they are growing and seem to be pretty healthy.

I noticed that some of their tails were either clamped or maybe had fin rot? And those are the ones that keep disapearing. I haven't treated the water, cause I don't want to end up killing them all. Just water changes every other day. I wonder if I did water changes every day if that would make the difference. ??

Mostly though, they are growing and are looking like happy little fishies!
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