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Platies/cories and feeding

So I have 3 red wag platies and 2 panda cories.
Whenever I feed them, I throw in a sinking pellet for the cories and feed the platies at the same time so they leave the sinking pellet alone. It takes the cories a few minutes to find their food and by then the platies have had enough to eat.
So they go after the pellet and will nip at the cories so they can eat some. This worries me because the platies are HUGE pigs and leave nothing for the cories to eat.
Is there anything I can do to prevent this? Any methods to distract the platies while the cories eat?
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My platies are big pigs too.

I wait until lights out to put the sinking wafers in for the cories. They must be getting plenty because they're all nice and healthy.

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Well, you can train the fish to feed at different parts of the tank...Feed the cories in a back corner around decor, and feed the platies in the front opposite corner...

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you can feed the platies food by little pinches at a time so they stay focused on the top of the tank so the cories get some time to feed on the pellets.
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I had a similar issue with my tetras and corries. Although I dont have any sinking pellets, the tetras would eat the flakes long before they got near the bottom. As was suggested above, was suggested to me. Wait until an hour or two after you shut the lights off on teh tank before feeding cories, also possibly use something to push the food to the bottom(no metal, turkey baster is what I use) and my tetras at least dont bother investigating what the big object is.
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