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A place for the babies?

Both my female guppies and possibly some of my mollies as well are pregnant. Now, I read the sticky about livebearers and had some questions pertaining to that. (It was good information by the way, thank you.)

Is the two-way breeder plastic thing is a no-no then for letting fry mature? Because I do have one very large, hungry molly named Bartholamina (it was Bartholamew (sp?) until I pointed out to her namer that it was a she) that would very much like to eat the one baby fish I have in there now. I don't have much in the way of plants for my fish to hide in yet (it's a new tank, and the paycheck went to filter/heater/airstones rather than fake plants or decco), so I've got that baby in the breeder.

I am going to invest in plants and more decco soon. What I was wondering is would fake plants work for fry to hide in or should I go for the real deal? And should I put my plastic breeder away for good?

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plastic or fake plants is all about preference. i always have fake plants, but have a couple real for water conditions, i have my fry in a breeder at the moment, they have been there a while and now need room, i wouldnt suggest using the small plastic ones to put the preg females in bcos they get very stressed. if u r planning on keepin the fry i suggest another tank else soon ull b overstocked. i recently got a little 25ltre tank to grow out my fry b4 rehoming them
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Alright. I shall keep that in mind. Thanks!

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big handful of any fast growing weed (eldoa,cabomba,millfiols,hornwort) cost very little and protects young from the parent fish all need drastic pruning thogh
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I was actually just logging on to ask about plants... how convenient. ;) Plants where the little ones could hide would be great. The tank is scarce on decoration other than the fish themselves, a few fake plants, and those marble like things mixed with the rocks. Plants like those will serve more than one purpose.

"It's not how long you live, but what your morals say." ~Sonata Arctica
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plastic breeder...

I purchased one of those 3 in 1 plastic breeder things that just float near the side of my tank. (Sorry, I don't remember the brand name - I got it at Petsmart though for like $6.) It is one of the largest ones I have found and all the inserts can be removed making the swimming space pretty large for the little fry guys.

By the time I purchased the breeder and the extra plants this time around, I was down to one fry left. The others had gotten eaten up over the course of a few days. The little fry guy I had left was moved to the breeder and he has been in there for about 3 weeks now doing great. He has already doubled in size and in about another 3 weeks, I plan on letting him into the tank with my other fish.

I do not plan on putting any of my future pregant females in the breeder though because that would stress them out way too much. Instead, I purchased several more plants so the fry could hide shortly after being born until I can catch them and move them to the breeder.

Anyway, this is just one option I thought I'd share with you that has worked for me.

Good luck :D
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