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Opinion on Rearranging fish?

I have two tanks. A 29g and a 10g. In the 10g I have 5 platties and an indian glassfish. In the 29 is a blue guarami and a sunset guarami about 4-5 inches in length and two red zebra cichlids. I bought the 29g with the fish and know this isnt really a good mix to put these fish together.

What is your opinion on moving the two cichlids to the 10g ( i realize this is kinda small for the cichlids) and moving the platties to the 29g with the guarami? yay or nay? any input would be helpful.
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I don't think you should move the guppies with the Gourami. Gourami's are quite aggresive, belive me. When I first got my Bala Shark we didn't have space for him and we tryed putting him with the gourami and a few minutes later the bala shark is nearly dead so we moved him with our platys, so basically a bala shark can live with a platy. Also it depends on how big the cichlids are, cold you tell us?
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The cichlids are 4-5 inches as well. I'm expecting babies from the platys so I don't want their take to get to over crowded. I really want to convert the bigger tank into a community but not sure how to go about rehoming the guarami and cichlids.
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Well a ten gallon for three cichlids that are 4+ inches is far to small, especially since they will possibly fight for territory. And from what I know, if a platy is pregnant and it has other fish with it then you can either move it to a temporary tank while it is pregnant or leave it with the other fish. I have had pregnant platys with 5+ fish and they gave birth succesfully. But you can do what you want.
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