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Apparently if a cat or dog could eat the plant, it could be toxic. I have seen that happen with overly curious pets that will chew on about anything they can get a hold of. I will know if the plant will rot, and will definitely pull it before that even starts. The guy I spoke with said that it is good to go completely submerged. It has grown since it has been planted in the guppy tank .. no signs of rot .. roots are clean & healthy. I will keep an eye on it tho ..
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Dracaena is not aquatic. It will rot in your tank after a month or so. If you just google the name, you will find that this is a commonly sold "AQUATIC" plant and is not at all aquatic. It will add an unhealthy bio-load to your tank when it rots and will be painfully gross and annoying to clean out later on. Topfin sells a whole bunch of plants in the tubes as aquatic and in reality on a couple, wisteria and amazon swords, are actually aquatic. Most of the other plants are not aquatic.
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Thanks guys .. It will come out
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Beware of petco/petsmart "specialists." Although not entirely their fault, they are trained to know a very specific set of information about the products they sell and many times, that information is not 100% accurate since the store must make money on turnover. Terrestrial plants like these are sold so when they die, people pull them out and buy new ones. Same goes for reps of the company when you call them. They have information about the plants, but that is all given to them and may not be accurate.

Also, i see your running a Fluval Edge, I have the same tank right now and i had to change my bulbs because the original halogens are not the correct spectrum for plant growth. If you are getting live plants, I would focus more on low-light plants.
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What bulbs did you replace the halogens with? Where can I get them? IMO .. halogens also put out too much heat so close to the surface. I really like the LED lights. I have plant lights as well.
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i replaced mine with these: - Brightest MR11 12 V 10 SMD LED Wide Angle

I still have issues with lighting and how well it will penetrate to the bottom of the tank is also questionable. I may be modifying mine to hold MR16 bulbs later on if these lights dont do the job.

Are you using exterior lights for growing plants?
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For now I just set up a plant light that extends light better than the halogen did. On my other guppy tanks, I have LED by Marineland, and reallt like them.
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Thanks for the link. I just bought two of the LED lights.

The tanks are sitting in front of south windows which does give additional lighting.

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Just received the LED light bulb replacements. I see what you mean .. the LED's don't seem to reachthe corners of the tank as well, but that's OK with me as the tank is directly in front of a south window that gets plenty of light (which I can *control*amt/strength with pulling the shade down) I also have a plant light to suplement if necessary.

Thanks so much for your advice
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The tank design is definitely not well thought out for planted aquaria, but i think the design is well worth the extra effort into making it work. It is a very good tank to showcase fish in.
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