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New to fishkeeping

Hi, i have a 60l tank with 2 mollies (Sandy and Danny), 2 platies (Dorris and Marble) 2honey gourami ( Ben and Geri ) and 7 neons (Norris, Borris, Connie, Frankie, Bonnie, Clyde and Symore) im worried about my mollies, they are normally so much fun they come to the front of the tank when i go near them, they clean the glass i like to call it blowing kisses, if i have to put my hand in they come to me and swim around me , they swim together and seem to be playing but yesterday they started just laying on the bottom not doing much, i have had the water test done and its all good, they still eat, thanks in advance for any advice xx
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Originally Posted by Marien29 View Post
i have had the water test done and its all good
What were the readings? What this done via strip or liquid kit?

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Hello and welcome to the forum

Can you have your water hardness tested? I pulled this off of our Tropical Fish Profiles (top of main page of forum)

Ideal water parameters for Common Molly

Medium hard to hard (10-30 dGH), basic (pH 7.5 to 8.5), temperature 21-28C/70-82F. This fish cannot survive healthily in soft or acidic water. Many sources recommend brackish water, though in its habitat the fish generally prefers freshwater. The black strain will be healthier at the warmer end of the temperature range, and most sources recommend brackish water.

Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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Hi, it was a liquid test at the local aquarium centre, ammonia is 0, nitrate 5 nitrite 0 and ph 7.5, the temp is 29 xx
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Have they had any algae to graze on? Mine always perk up when I feed live foods as well.
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How long has the tank been setup? Are you sure that you are not confusing the results of the Nitrate and Nitrite test? 5 ppm of Nitrate is a safe level but 5 ppm of Nitrite is very damaging to fish. Are the fish breathing rapidly on the bottom? Regardless of your answers, you should do a 50% water change.
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The nitrate is 5, the nitrite is 0, the tank has been set up since October, they are always cleaning the glass and grazing on the bottom xx
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