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my females average at around 3 weeks between births :):):)

good luck :)

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a wise fish keeper said to me "your not a fish keeper , your a water keeper the fish just live in it"
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also i seem to have a higher survival rate with male fry than females, :):):)

190L Tropical Aquarium

a wise fish keeper said to me "your not a fish keeper , your a water keeper the fish just live in it"
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i have to agreeeee with this!!!! this happened to me in the past month.. the fry had like a cheetah color tail and now the yellow turned into red and the spots r black they r absolutely gorgeous ...the males did that but the females have stayed with the cheetah color..but the mother was red with black spots on her tail so i shud expect it to change...nice fish btw!!!!!



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This may help with anyon e with color questions, Its not my info ,I got it off

genes/colors and their location:
Body colors (all autosomal) are:
- grey - dominant over all over body colors
- gold/tiger/bronze - recessive
- blond/gold - recessive
- albino/rrea – recessive, there are two different genes which cause the albino phenotype and which can’t be differentiated
- lutino/wrea – recessive
- there are three types of blau: one blau –gene shows no red and no yellow
another blau gene could show reduced red but no yellow
and the other blau gene (this one is called “hellblau”, this is a German word which means light blue) could show yellow e.g. snake skin
- pink is something special because of its peculiarities, it has a reduced number of the big black colour cells (melanophores) and it looks like tiger in its pure manifestation (without the hb). In the combination with the Nigrocaudatus 2 gene (it’s the gene for half black/tuxedo) the back becomes pink, that was the reason for the name “pink”, because the first guppies with this body colour where pink half blacks. It is suspected that they have also an increased number of iridophores. - cream - double recessive, gold + tiger
- white - double recessive, blau + gold
- silver - double recessive, blau + tiger
- “super white” – triple recessive, blau + gold + albino
- you can breed more combinations but only for these double and triple recessive body colours exists a specific name

Some (not all!) colors:
1. colors for the fore-body (the belly, until the beginning of dorsal in their original appearance):
- coral is a metallic red which is in most cases y-linked but there should be one x-linked strain in Germany too. In Germany we call it “neon” . In the combination with one of the blau genes it becomes light blue.
- moscow is a y-linked gene in most cases but there are some x-linked strains too. It is a metallic silver until dark blue colour. The intensity depends of the mood of the male. You can find this gene in metal heads (y-linked moscow + y-linked snake skin) or moscow blues (y-linked moscow + y-linked blue + x-linked blue) or in moscow greens and moscow purples
- Schimmelpfennig Metall (this is the original German name) or platinum is a metallic white/yellow/bright purple/bright blue. It is y-linked in most cases but there are some x-linked strains e.g. in Japan too.
- lazuli is a light blue which is y-linked (I don’t know it for sure, because only the Japanese breed it and in Europe there are no lines of this strain, so I had to use a online-translation which could be wrong)

2. colors for the lower-back:
- half black (it is the Nigrocaudatus 2 gene) is a x-linked gene in most cases but there are some y-linked strains too. It is a more or less black colour. It could become dark blue too after some selective breeding ( you have to increase the number of iridophores which lay above the melanophores) . In combination with the platinum it seems to be greenish.
- japan blue/aquamarine is a light blue which is a y-linked gene in most cases but there are some x-linked strains too.
- Störzbach (Stoerzbach) metal is a recessive and autosomal metallic blue, but in combination with other colour-genes it makes them a metallic colour e.g. Mikarif (Stoerzbach metal + snake skin)

There a lot of colours which consists of several different genes for example full reds. There are 6 (perhaps more) different genes for red and they can be y-linked, x-linked and autosomal, some are dominant and others are recessive, so it’s very difficult to talk about reds and full reds. Some colours are shown on the whole body e.g. snake skin. And some colors are shown on the body and the fins e.g. blues (in blue delta IFGA strains), parrish and hutter greens, snake skins, reds, purples, 3/4 blacks etc.

The problem is that some body-colours or normal colours also effect the form of the caudal e.g. you cannot create a half black double sword. There are some genes which are not really a colour like red, but the effect the caudal form too. The x-linked gene "cp" is such a gene. It causes a dark pigmentation of the caudal and together with the “double sword-gene” it causes a delta tail. The delta tail always consists of two or more genes. There has to be the “double sword-gene” (which can be y- or x-linked) and a colour gene for the caudal. Sometimes the male has both necessary genes or the female has both genes or each sex has only one of these genes, but in all these case you got a delta tail.

I hope you can see that the genetic of the guppy is very complex and to create a new strain is a lot of hard work and a great challenge.


I hope this helps anyone with questions,
with love, julem35 ♥

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wow! thats amazing, i arnt trying to create a "new" colour im just enjoying mixing colours and seeing how the fry turn out :):):)

190L Tropical Aquarium

a wise fish keeper said to me "your not a fish keeper , your a water keeper the fish just live in it"
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