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Naughty platy

How long should you keep an aggressive fish in isolation? My male sunset platy is really agressive to two of my fish but not at all to the others. One of the ones he is aggressive to is a male so I don't worry about it as much because it's probably just mating rivalry, as they both like the females! But he is really aggressive towards just one of my female platies and he doesn't follow her in a mating manner but chases her really nasty and rams his head into her, etc. So I put him in a floating isolation/breeding tank. How long should he stay in there before he has learnt his lesson? He seems very dismayed and just sits at the bottom looking angry and not eating the food I give him. He's been in there for about 3 days should I put him back with the others?
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What size is the tank? Any pics of the tank setup?

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What is your male female ratio?
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My tank is 60litres, quite wide. Platy-wise, I have 2 males and 5 females (though one female is not very old so is not breeding yet).
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Well that shouldn't be a problem then because the recommended ratio is 1m/2-3f...
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I just wanted to know how long to keep him in isolation?
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I would let him out. Normally those things just cause stress to the fish. Unfortunally, he probably didn't learn his lesson and won't no matter how long he's in there. You might have to take him back or try to get another female. See if that help

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