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My plan of attack pls check it out and give your opion

ok I have a completed situation. I have 6 adult guppy with 30 fry of so at different stages of life, All have gold dusk really bad and the adults have some other issues going on as well. I also found a beautifully elephant ear Betta a petco with gold dusk pop eye and some more bad things going on as well so I had to to try to rescue and pet-co was really cool they where sory about the sick fish and gave 50% off….. I adding him to the guppy tank since they are all sick any way, which been treated with melafix/pimafix/ and kordon ick attack. for the past 4-5 days.(betta looked better in less than 24 hours)…. they are in a 10gal right know and where to be moved to a 55 but they are sick.
so here we go
I plan to take all fish at once put a 5 gal. bucket for a Epsom salt bath (can I add pimafix & melafix to that or just stay Epson?) for 20-30min (should I add a air stones as well).... then when time is up temporally move all the fish to a 100% disease free 5gal. heavily planted tank so they can distress.
I will then empty the 10gal. 100 % add new all ready cleaned sand while keeping the filter for the tank intake not to kill the bio filter action in there...Then 50% new water in the 10Gal. with all the proper water treatments‘, and melafix/pimafix/kordon brand ich attack(which works for the gold dust), And can you guess next, move all fish and water from the 5 gal heavily planted/established tank to the 10gal that is all ready fully treated and should be 100% disease free, and then continue the normal treatment with the meds.
and with the 5gal planting tank empty I will put all those plants in the 55 so I hope in3 weeks or so the fish are cured the Betta has his own 10 gal.
and the guppies are big pimpping in the 55g
so what do you think?

Elephant ear purple "Adrian"
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OK, I'll be brave. I understand your plan but have a few suggestions. First, don't put sick fish together just because they are sick. You can get a super bug or what us old guys call the creeping crud.

OK, your plan, the salt bath is a good idea and adding air is a good idea. Salt water holds less oxygen, that is why cold water salt tanks hold more fish than reef tanks. Here is where I would depart from the plan, instead of your 5gal tank, use another clean 5gal bucket with air to hold fish until the 10gal is ready. Keep in mind, purigen or carbon in you 10gal filter will pull the meds out as fast as you put them in. I would also suggest waiting 12 hours and giving them another 30 min. bath in formalin. Nasty stuff but any thing topical is DOA on contact. Put the fish back in the other bucket. I'd take your plants out of the 5gal and move them to the 55gal if you're compelled to use the 5gal. Otherwise, you will drag what ever pathogen to the new tank and lord only knows what will happen. When you reset your 10gal, use only water, heater, airline, medications and fish. No use contaminating a bunch of substrate and other stuff. Also, if your using a bio filter and plan to move it to the 55gal, trash it, clean it and set it up in the 55gal. Use some substrate from the 5gal to seed the filte.

In the 10gal holding tank, do a partcial of 20% every two days for the first six and once after that in the next five days. Also, add two tbs of solar salt in the ten while the fish rehab in it. You should start seeing big results in 3-5 days. Don't get fooled into thinking they're fine, keep them in the 10gal at least 11-12 days. There will be a bit of shock moving to the new tank and that much of a change in size may make them a little more stressed.

Hope this helps and follow up so I can see how it went.
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