Is My Molly Prego?
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Is My Molly Prego?

This is a discussion on Is My Molly Prego? within the Livebearers forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> I just got her at petco yesterday. Ive never really had fish before, the reason I think she is because I got a black ...

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Is My Molly Prego?

I just got her at petco yesterday. Ive never really had fish before, the reason I think she is because I got a black molly and she has a much bigger stomach then the black one. She is a silver color with like brown and black spots over her body. How can I tell if she's prego?
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The best way to tell is if her belly squares off because the back end of her stomach dropped. You can also sometimes detect a gravid spot (a little dot near the anal fin) but you won't see that on a black molly. Do you have a picture you can post?
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It'll be easier to know if you post a picture. The other way to tell is if she slims down a bit with proper food quantities, it only takes a day or two if they over-ate to slim down a lot. However, if she has babies over-night, she'll also slim down overnight. lol

Usually when you get a female that has a large belly, she is pregnant. With livebearers, especially mollies, they're almost always pregnant. Chances are she is pregnant if you bought her chunky. ^^; Or it could be she has very good egg growth. Females are usually more plump than males as is because of their eggs.
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