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My Molly is having problems with her pregnancy


My Molly is having difficulties whilst giving birth. It seems like see is trying to pass a her guts/ a sack of some sort. See image bellow. Please can someone reassure she will be ok?

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Hi Jay. I've had Mollies and fry but I've never seen this. She definitely looks pregnant, square at the front... How is she doing? I'm afraid of the outcome for this girl... I hope someone else can weigh in on this!!

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After undertaking some research it seems like the growth was some sort of prolapse. The prolapse looks as if it's gone back in. However the area still looks sore. She's eating still, but has lost a lot of colour due to stress. Hopefully she will recover. Fingers crossed!
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I know with people. prolapses tend to recur. If I were you, I wouldn't expose her to any males, as I wouldn't want this happening again. And giving birth would seem to be likely to cause it to happen again.

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Oh dear, yes it looks like she pushed her insides out. Or a possible growth...usually when they go back in, they go all the way back in. They can happen again though, so be careful! I had a blue platy that had a prolapse about...about a year ago. She did not have the problem a second time.

I would suggest you add in a light antibacterial and/or some aquarium salt. If she LOOKS sore still, she may have gotten a bit of an infection and you want that cleared up. =) You also want her somewhere she wont be picked at by others. If you have a QT tank cycled and set up, I would suggest moving her. Do so in a cup, let her get in...which can take a while and much patience, and move her, then treat for a light bacterial infection. If you don't have a QT, I would suggest dividing the tank for at least a week, let her recover. Don't use a net as it will cause terrible stress.

I'd also suggest feeding her some foods that are easy on the insides. Soft, fresh veggies like mushed peas, normally not good in large doses since they are healthy, but also a laxative, blanched spinach and romaine lettuce as well if she'll take them, and the insides of green beans once seeds are removed and they've also been blanched(meaning to heat them up and make them soft and mushy). Brine shrimp and glassworms might also be easy on her, but it may be best to stick with soft veggies.

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