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My female Molly seems scared of my new male Molly

I have a 10 gallon tank with 2 platys (M&F), a cory catfish, a female dalmation molly and a new male dalmation molly (lyre tail) introduced into the tank today. I haven't noticed any aggression or harassment with the male molly, but now my female molly is constantly hiding behind the thermostat or the airstone. She didn't do this before. I am concerned that she is either afraid or feels harassed by the male molly. He is bigger than her. Should I take the male back to the fish store or will she get over this? Any other advice?

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Recommended sex ratio is one male to 2-3 females. Adding one or two female mollies will prevent the male from harassing the lone female.:)

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exactly blue is right .

this happen more when the female does not let male to sex because she is not ready.

each male can handle about 3 female.
and try to have more female . you will see the point.

and give your fih hard boiled yolk each 3 days a very little which you can solve it with 3 water drop in a tea spoon.

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Hello, :D
Yes, because one the fish was male and 2 the fish was bigger for the female it just calls for disaster!
If you could i would take the big male back...unless you want to breed them I would get another female the same size as your other one. This is kind of different but I had a very tiny scared male dalmation molly, who was scared of all other mollies but i got a female (by accident) and luckily they get along fine.. I found this one by looking for a small one that looked like it was kind of picked on by the other fish (not like unhealthy fin nipped but just a scardy cat like mine)...which is where my ballon molly came in..i also got a black molly that wasnt picked on but was a bit smaller then my dalmation molly, and the black molly constantly picked on my scared dalmation so i had to give the black one back.
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