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Molly Diet

Is it ok to give mollies a diet of flake, brine shrimp, baby guppies and blood worms?

30 gallon-2 black mollies, 1 red wag platy, 1 dwarf gourami, 2 giant danios, 3 marble hatchets

125 gallon- 1 black ghost knife, 1 senegal bichir, 1 blue jack dempsey, 1 needle nose gar, 1 red tailed shark
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Is it ok to give mollies a diet of flake, brine shrimp, ---- baby guppies ---- and blood worms
baby guppies , how sad
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I'm pretty sure flakes and brine shrimp is fine for mollies, but I can't really say for the baby guppies and blood worms. Sorry. Have you tried to see if your fish like them?
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ime, they will readily take anything!! bloodworm and baby guppies :( thats a little sad :(
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Yep mollies will eat pretty much everything - even hair algae off plants! They love bloodworm. I'm not sure they would eat baby guppies TBH - they may, or may not. My mollies never ate their fry, and many other peoples mollies didn't eat theit fry, but also, many mollies do eat their own fry. Personally I wouldn't give them guppy fry - I'm too soft-hearted, LOL!
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But I think that flakes and frozen/freeze-dried brine shrimp are best. Something about feeding them baby guppies makes me sad. :(
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