Mollies with a pleco?
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Mollies with a pleco?

This is a discussion on Mollies with a pleco? within the Livebearers forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Hi everyone, I'm curious as to how you are keeping your mollies. Some sites told me they need hard, alkaline water, while others said ...

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Mollies with a pleco?
Old 04-01-2012, 01:33 PM   #1
Mollies with a pleco?

Hi everyone,
I'm curious as to how you are keeping your mollies. Some sites told me they need hard, alkaline water, while others said they really will get used to any water conditions and the pH doesn't so much mater so long as it isn't extreme.
We just got two mollies to put in our 10g with a bristlenose pleco, and I'm really worried that the water parameters that each needs are too different. I would hate to have to take the mollies back as they were a birthday present for my boyfriend :/
Our water right now is soft with a pH of 6.5. Is it better for both species overall to leave as is, or would it be better to alter the quality to more fit the mollies' standard requirements? I would hate to do that and have the pleco suffer.
Please let me know! I'm very concerned by the conflicting information I have been reading.
Thanks so much in advance

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No,the platys will do fine in soft water.I have very,very soft waterand have 2 platys that are doing exclent.They are very fat and healthy and I haven't had any problems keeping them in soft water at all.I just hope you didn't make the mistake of bringing home a pregnant female or you will be in alot of trouble.They have 10-50 babies in each batch and can have 3-5 batches.They also only need to mate once to have all these babys.
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