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Looking for suggestions

This is a discussion on Looking for suggestions within the Livebearers forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Hello, I am looking for suggestions. Right now - I have a female swordtail, a male platy (I'm pretty sure that he is male ...

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Looking for suggestions
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Question Looking for suggestions


I am looking for suggestions. Right now - I have a female swordtail, a male platy (I'm pretty sure that he is male - I checked the anal fin area) and one white cloud mountain minnow living in a divided ten gallon. The swordtail and minnow have tw0 thirds of the tank and the platy is in the remaining third. The reason I put in a divider is because the platy and the swordtail started fighting a lot. Now - these 2 fish hang around the divider a lot - acting like they want to be back together (the platy - especially - seems "frustrated" - for lack of a better description. Everybody's eating well - I have live plants in the tank - which the swordtail is slowly devouring. I'm not going to go as far as saying the platy is unhappy (hey - he's eating and pooping!) - but if there are any suggestions out there - I'd love to hear them. Right now - I do not have the option of upgrading to a larger tank - so I have to stick with the 10 gallon. BTW - my single white cloud is the happiest of the 3 fish!

Wendy KL
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Well ill say what everyone else is gonna say. The tank is too small for the swordtail. Normally I wouldn't think so..... Because normally they are usually about 1.75 inches at the pet store... But I recently saw some at a different fish store that were 6 inches long! They were huge! But anyways, are you sure they are fighting and not having sex? They are pretty closely related species. Usually platies are not aggressive.... I have never kept sword tails so I can't comment on that really.
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I would remove the divider and watch how they interact.
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