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A little fry hitched a ride from the petshop plants...How to care for it??

I noticed a small "bug" moving around my betta tank this morning...Looking closer,
I saw it was a tiny fish, 4-5mm long! I can't believe my betta didn't eat him!
He moves in fast spurts.

So either he hitched a ride from the store plant's I bought, OR he's a danio (Danio's were in said tank till yesterday)...Could they have actually bred? The conditions didn't seem optimal for that.
The store's plant tanks have guppies, platys, mollies in them.

I scooped him out, and he's in a 1/4 gallon glass container under a light with a couple floating leafs
and a bit of gravel. I finely ground some tropical flake, put a pinch in.

Anything else I can do? Thanks!
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nice...it probably is a live bearer fry but it could be a danio as well...either way a nice find...just dont over feed the little guy...and keep up your regular regement ...weekly water changes and so forth...you can buy food especialy for fry but it sound like it has atained a decent size...ADIOS..

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or since he's the only one chopped up bloodworms does wonders for it's growth

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Lucky you :) Don't know much about taking care of a baby fish. But wish u all the best :)
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He moves in fast spurts.
Sounds very much like a danio, They breed easily,
My son has a whole tank full of them (hundreds) just appeared a few days ago,

Always in NEED & looking for more Tanks!
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I think it was a Danio too..Unfortunately he didn't make it. :-/

Sometimes I see the danios all "dancing" or "swirling" around each other in one corner of the tank,
usually in the morning...it looks like they are in a feeding frenzy.

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