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Exclamation ich

i recently had a platy pass away from ich and have a femal guppy that is suffering nothing else int the tank has it are livebearers more susceptible to ich than other fish thanks
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Sorry to hear about your platy :(

I'm not sure about one species being more succeptable to ich than others but I doubt it. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to an ich outbreak.

Have you treated the tank?

Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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yes we turned the temp to 84 and added aquari]um salt
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I have worked with livebearers for over 30 years. You need to say exactly what you have in the tank as a cory or pleco will be toast is the treatment with salt is not done correctly to accomodate them as well. First, what type of filter are you running? If it has carbon or purigen that will impact my suggeston.

If your fish are showing ich on their body there is a way to cut it down quickly and effectively. Place 2 gal of water in a five gallon bucket with two tbs salt and an air line. Place the fish in the bucket for approximately 45 min. and then add another tbs salt and crank up the air. If the ich has not fallen off by the time you add the second dose of salt it will shortly there after. I typically add a dose of ich meds in with the second salt to up the odds. Realistically, it is over kill. Leave the fish in the bucket no more than 30 min. then back in the tank they go. The ich will fal off and anything you see on fins or such is a secondary infection.

Understand in ich's live cycle it must drop to the bottom of the tank to reproduce. Salt water sinks so when the ich drops off, it is killed or at least very unhappy. The buckets level of salt kills it off. In a tank it would kill off a lot of bacteria and other benificial organisims. As much as I hate FartMart-really starts with a "W"- they sell Quick Cure that does not stain up the tank and works well. If you're not running carbon, I would recommend a half to full dose for three days just to make sure. Between the salt, heat and meds the ich will die off. Understand that the warmer the water the less O2 it can hold so once again crank the air. Ich is always in the water and only can take hold when fish are stresses or the environment is poor. That includes sudden down ward temp swings.

Hope this helps.
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