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But, I suppose that a smaller tank causes more ammonia buildup, correct?
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Here is a video of my fish, they seem healthy, but I want to ask the pros.
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My dear, no fish of that size or type is happy in a ten gallon. The fact that you THINK they are is also a problem. If you don't fix it, eventually they will die, be it from that ammonia build-up, or from the sheer stress of being lonely and/or cramped, toxins, or illness due to all of the above. I have platies in a 55 gallon, well planted tank. They're back and forth all day long, they like their space and things to do and investigate. Stress lowers their immune system, once it 's low, it only takes something small in the tank that normally would have been easily fought off to kill them.

Get yourself an API Master Freshwater Test kit too, you need to test your water 2+ times per week. Some people do it every other day.

You cannot keep them PROPERLY in a ten gallon tank, platies need 20 gallons and proper groups of three or more, swordtails need a 30 gallon with a proper group of four or more. They get too long to be kept in small spaces, they may even stunt and have their organs crushed by their failed size. It's unlikely they'll stunt, but it's possible.

If you want to keep fish in a ten gallon tank, get Endlers Livebearers(none of the guppy mixes). You can fit 5-7 of them in there quite happily, and even get yourself 5-6 small shrimp(cherry shrimp, amano or ghost shrimp) or snails(malaysian trumpets, a pair of mystery snails, nerite snails).

You could even do guppies, though they DO like to have 15 gallons for a proper group, they can fit in a ten gallon if you take really good care of it. No more than five should go in there though, they get bigger than endlers and have a higher bioload, they're also more likely to get aggressive if they decide it's too small. You're really better off with endlers, or a single male or(OR not and) a female betta.

You could do three or four African Dwarf Frogs instead of fish.

Those are really your only options in a ten gallon tank fish-wise. If you want happy, healthy fish, do right by them and either get them a much bigger tank, or find another type of fish that suits you AND your ten gallon tank.

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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As I said a few times before, I will get a larger tank soon. I live in an apartment, so space is a bit limited.
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craigslist is the perfect place to find a good deal on a new tank and stand. i got a 20h and a 55 with an acrylic stand for 60 dollars off there. this page right here will help you get an idea of how large the proper tank you need will be minus the stand and can help you find the perfect place for it in your apartment! Aquarium Sizes and Weights Chart
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I can't believe what one goldfish got me into. Well, the good news is I remembered to feet them every day. The creepy news is that the fish started following me...
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yeah. my buddy gave me a free 20 gal with some fish in it an now i have 2 55 gal tanks. one fish leads to 100!
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