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I've done some homework! Do you still have 3 barbs? If so get 3 more. They are less aggressvie and happier in a group of at least 6 so if it is the barbs that are harassing everyone, this will reduce the tension greatly.

"Cycling best friend is a good liquid regeant test kit, and a good barber to fix your hair after you pulled half of it out."
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Keeping Guppies alive

How long has your tank been set up? Do you have live or fake plants? What do the guppies tails lool like when the die? Do they look whole and long, or ragged and shorter than when you got them home?
Are all guppies dead, just males or just females?
Guppies are hardy enough that they should be ok in an estrablished tank, even with some elevated water test levels. I would expect the other fish to go first. Now, do you float the bag when you get them and net them out, pour them and the water in tank, or add tank water to the guppy water over a few hours....

It all ads to the story, and explaination. :)
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I'd say IMo it's just the guppie stran it's self. There is so much in breeding on guppies these days the stran it's self is down in strenth. If your buying your guppies from petsmart or god forbid wal-mart that's the first mistake. There guppie line is in so much trouble to begin with it's no wonder they loss 3/4's of the stock before they ever get to the tanks. Then petsmart uses a fishfarm in OK city that hasn't changed there breeding habbits in over 20yrs and the guppie line is in bad shape. If you really want to keep them and don't want to buy from a as I call them a hobbest shop ( privettear fish store where there a little higher in price ) The best thing to do is drip condistion them to the new tank water for over a hr before releasing them into the main tank. Yea it takes longer but well well worth it in the long run. They'll live and I'll buy your next ones if it doesn't help. By drip condistioning them I mean use a peice of airline tube and clap it so that only a drop of water ever 30 seconds to a min. falls into there bag at a time. Do this for 30 to 45mins before releasing them and they'll be better off. But again buy from a top breeder on line or at least a hobbiest fish shop and not Wal-mart or petco/petsmart. You'll get a100% better line of guppies.
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