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I got Tiger/endler babies!

I went to feed my 2 Tiger female endlers this morning and 1 of the 2 had her babies (24) fry from the one. I'm still waiting for the other one to have hers. I have the babies in a 5 gal. hospital tank for now so they will not get eatten.This is the babies of the mom that I rehomed that had the babies.

Here is a picture I found on-line of the Tigers that I have:
hybrid blonde tiger endlers - Aquaria Central
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Other Tiger endler mom had babies today (27)!

The other Tiger mom had her babies today. One week from the other Tiger mom. I took the mom out and put her in my 55 gal. tank after she had them all. I netted the babies to count them and she had 27 with 1 baby with a defected eye. I had to cull that one. I have a grand total of (51) TIGER/HYBRID ENDLERS.(25) from the first mom and (26) from the second mom. If they have any more next month in the big tank I will not try to save them as all my tanks are full at the moment. 5 gal. hex tank with 25 babies, and a 5 gal. with the other 26 babies. My 6 gal. has the 2 dad tigers and some dwarf rasboras. At about 6 weeks I can seperate the boys from the girls into their own tanks. In 9 weeks they will be showing their colors. I hope that I have more boys then girls as their neon and tiger stripes look really nice.
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are you selling them? btw congrats.............................

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I will sell them on craigslist in San Diego. I also belong to a San Diego Tropical Fish Society. They have mini auctions that I can sell some of the Endlers. I do not know how to ship fish. I could not find the Tiger endlers anywhere in San Diego so I had to buy them on E-bay from a guy in San Francisco. I bought a pair. Since these are hard to find in my area I do not have a problem selling them. I include food with my fish when I sell them. Aqua-bid has the Tiger endlers for sale if you type in Endlers in your search.I did not no of Aqua-bid when i got mine from E-bay.
I found this picture also:

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