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Originally Posted by peachyqui View Post
Ammonia: 0
Nitrate: 40
Total Hardnes: 150
Total Alkalinity Buffering capacity:120

The temp. is 78 degrees F. I'm doing a 20% water change today, and I was told that would fix the slightly high nitrates. I've been adding a little bit of aquarium salt to the water already. Marshallsea, none of them are doing that, but this morning I noticed that my other female is moving her fins really fast and also sitting at the bottom. So I have one that's lethargic, and one that's freaking out, both sitting at the bottom of the tank. Ahh! What am I doing wrong??
Nitrate is high for a tank with your stocking level. Over feeding might be a problem. Do you have live plants in your aquarium ? I would always suggest those. Additionally, maybe increase the amount of water or the number of water changes to equal 50% a week.

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Originally Posted by Olympia View Post
Every fish will die once in its life. Sorry couldn't help it.
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Tazman, I'm not actually sure what kind of filter I have because I got my tank and filter second hand. I'm looking into getting a new filter though, because the one I have is super loud. I've had the fish for about 5 months and they haven't had any problems until now, so I don't know where the parasites could have come from if that's what the problem is. Marshallsea, I have been taking a water sample to the pet store around once a week to get it tested, but they do use test strips. I'll look into getting the API kit. The fish I was worried about died, and one of my mollies died. Interestingly, none of the fry seem to be having problems. I don't know, I'm just hoping my whole tank isn't wiped out! Fishmonger, I have one live plant and the rest are fake. How important is it to have a bubbler? Do you think that could be a problem? Thanks so much for listening and helping everybody!
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I second the vote for live plants and large quantity water changes. I think 50% once a week is a good starting point. The cleaner the water, the less chance of disease in your tank. Clean water is the key to a healthy tank. Also, are you using a good water treatment like "Prime?" If not, this is needed with each water change. Good luck to you.

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