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How long between births is possible?

I have a White Mickey Mouse platy that has apparently had at least one round of giving birth (little earlier than I expected actually) as I found one fry wandering around the tank. (Thankfully I caught him, and he is doing very well.) and I have momma and fry in the 3-way breeder now. She's still obviously pregnant, and the backside still has plenty of dark area. But She's been in there 2 days now and not spit anymore fry out.

Could the first fry be some sort of premature birth? Should I let her continue swimming around the tank till she starts again? And how long can she go without spitting the rest out before I should really be concerned? And then what should I do?

thanks everyone :)

Oh, and picture of the first little one (as you can tell, my Sunset Platy is obviously the dad, lol):

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Sorry for the crappy pictures, iPhone doesn't photo fish very well.
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Answer is....about this long.

6 more fry in the breeder, and I'm sure a bunch more coming!!!
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fryup's Avatar left her in there for 2 days?????.....this would be stressful on any female i would recomend letting her out then when she has the fry in the big tank just scoop them up and put them with the others:)......also leaving a female in a small box could cause her to miscarry the fry she still has in her....this time you may be lucky put next time........hope this helps:):):)

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