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Thanks to you both for your comments! They're very helpful! When I get the chance, I will try to take a good pic of the tank. My plants are 1 bunch of java moss attached to a decoration, 1 medium java fern, 1 amazon sword harvested into 2, 1 small mystery plant, 1 banana plant, 1 small leafy plant I forgot the name of, 1 reddish leafy bulb from Walmart, and 1 verigated sword of some sort. They have all grown substantially in the short time that I've had them. Some have a wavy algae growing off them that the fish like to nip at. I don't have a test kit, so I take my water in the petco every couple of weeks. I will buy one when they are on sale... $15 seems high for some test strips... I don't take water straight from the tap because chlorine kills and the temp would never be right. So I let the water sit without a cap on the gallon jugs on my kitchen floor. Then after a day or two of sitting I add the chlorine etc neutralizer to the tank and slowly add the water.
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Originally Posted by Oldfishlady View Post
but you don't want to vacuum anymore that once every 7 days.
I'm going to go ahead and STRONGLY disagree with this! What bacteria you MIGHT lose due to water changes is going to pale in comparison to the toxins and pollutants you are removing. Vacuum that gravel as much as you'd like, dear fishkeeper. As long as those nitrates stay between 1.0 and 30.0 ppm, your fish will manage the change in concentration quite handily, you'll find!
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