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Question Help, Platy had 1 baby, still looks pregnant!

My 4 month old female platy has looked very pregnant for a few weeks now and I have been watching her closely, hourly, for signs of delivery (squaring off of her belly, etc). Yesterday early evening I found her hiding, unusual for her, and one baby in the tank. She still looked extremely pregnant and her belly slightly squared off so I quickly scooped her up into the breeder but no more babies overnight. She is black in color so I can't see the dark spot in the rear of her belly. I kept her overnight but she seemed so stressed so I released her this morning. I do have the one baby. I caught it in the tank. Do you think the baby was premature? Or she stopped the delivery? Or can they have two stages of pregnancy at one time and maybe she is now working on the next one? Or maybe because this is her 1st pregnancy she only had one? Maybe more were born that I didn't find but she still looks pregnant and squared off. Any advise is appreciated.
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Update...24 hours later 2 more babies in the tank. It's only a 10 gallon so I can see every inch and they weren't there from the night before when the 1st one was born. I only have one other female and she is very skinny and not pregnant at all so it has to be the younger pregnant looking female. I'm continuing to watch the tank. Hoping for 3 more tonight!
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Oh congrats! You have to separate the babies so they won't be eaten by larger fishies.

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Thx. I have them separated them.
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Well no more babies. Just the 3. Cleaned out the filter and none in there. Does this make sense? She still looks like she swallowed at marble.

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Exact same thing happened to me just three days ago. Very pregnant platy had 4 fry and now a few days later she looks the exact same but has not had any more fry. I can't wait to hear if you get any information on this
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Found two more in the tank a few days later.

Its now 4 weeks later and she is looking ready again so I have put her in a separation net.

Also found this interesting info: Platies do not typically give birth all at once, but can shoot out a number of fry over a period of days. Source: About how many weeks pregnant is a platy when you can see the baby's eyes in her tummy? - Yahoo! Answers
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some young fish dont has as many as what a fish that was a year old would have, now you know what day this particular fish had fry on you can be ready in 3-4 week for the next lot that will be coming


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