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Help me understand my little endler

I purchased a beautiful little male endler about six weeks ago. He had come into the LFS as a mistake with some guppies. So I got him for 3.99. He's doing fine in my community tank except he's just started chasing one of my glofish and he tails the male platy a lot. Why? Should I move him to a different setting?

I have an 8 gallon biocube that is vacant. What could I put him with? I want it to be a peaceful tank. I really don't have the time to care for all the babies a pair would have. What about a couple or 3 cherry barbs with him if I move him?
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I think the best tank mate for him would be a few more male Endlers, they make a fantastic display in a small, well planted tank.
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Barbs are horrible in community tanks.

It would be a fine setup to move him to the 8 gal biocube with 2-3 more endlers or guppies and several plants.

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^^ genius

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I added more of whatever he is.

I found some fish just like my little "endler". They were called lyre tail guppies. So who knows. Perhaps what was sold to me as an endler is really a lyre tail guppy. Or what I bought today as lyre tail guppies are really endlers. Any way they all look great in the 8 gallon biocube! Thanks for the suggestions. I can't wait for the others' colors to "come out" like our first one's did.
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Lyretail guppies tend to be a bit smaller than fantail/deltatail guppies and if they're wild lyretails then they could look very similar to endlers.

It's arguable that endlers are just a rather distinct type of wild guppy so there's no reason to think you haven't got what they were sold as. Either way they're very nice fish, I can't find any lyretail guppies around here which is disappointing as they're my favourite.
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I'm happy with my purchase and the total price for 4 was $12.00. If I had the LFS order me 4 more endlers it would have cost me $50.00. So lyre tail guppies are fine with me. I just love their size as well as their neon coloration.
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