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Help! Female guppy acting weird after having fry?

I had an orange tailed female who had birth in the tank and I didnt know so I fished out as much babies as I could before they ate them then around 9 days later she died after having her fry. She started getting sluggish and wouldnt eat and started swimming weird around 2 days after she gave birth and started hiding also like running into the glass and objects so I isolated her in one of my breeder tanks after that started happening so she wouldnt be harassed by my male guppies then the day before she died she got these red marks all over her.

I've been treating with melfix and its been the 5th day.

The other one of my female guppys who is a black velvet moscow now is swimming weird on her side sorta and looks like shes gasping for air now and is really skinny but acts like shes starving one of her gills is protruding. Shes had this skinny like appearance since she gave birth to her babies around 6 days ago and I had isolated her in the breeder tank with fake plants when she had her fry and took the fry out and left her in there almost a whole day afterwards with the fake plants so she wouldnt get bugged by my males.

Another one of my female who has a yellow tail had what looked like fin rot but since I started treating with melfix has been growing back. Please if anyone can help tell me. I have my water tested at the petshop I bought them and they always say my tank is healthy and in perfect health. My tank has been running for about 5 or 6 weeks now.

It is a 10 gal with a bubble curtain, filter, light, and heater. I have two breeder tanks one with my female guppy in it that is sick and the other has the fry in it. I had 23 fry and now I am down to 8. They all seemed to have died over night. They eat every time I've been feeding them. One thing I did change recently was change from feeding the babies just crushed fishflakes to feeding them boiled egg yoke smashed with crushed fishflakes. I have two different kinds of fishflakes: goldfish and the tropical that has garlic in it that is supposed to be good for internal parasites. I have been feeding the fry the egg yoke mixture(mixed with both kinds of fish flakes) 1 time per day and I have been mixing the goldfish flakes and tropical flakes together and feeding them that the 2 other times per day. I have been feeding the adult fish the tropical flakes mostly that has the garlic and only feeding them a little tiny bit of the goldfish food. I've only been feeding them as much as they can eat in 2 mins 2-3 times per day. My male fish seem to be doing very good except one has frayed fins at the end it seems like but hes been like that since I got him. I have a few ghost shrimp and they are very healthy. Does anyone have any ideas what could be going on? I have QuICK cure which is for ick and protozoan parasites should I isolate my ghosties and put that in the tank to see if its these kind of parasites. I've been doing 10% weekly water changes just like the petshop told me. I started the melfix treatment right after the normal water change. On the 7th day I am supposed to do a 25% water change to end the melfix treatment and if they are still showing signs of being sick to go on with the treatment. Pls help I really love my black velvet moscow guppy and I dont want her to die. Thanks!
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Any updates?
Guppies can be difficult to deal with sometimes. They are not hard fish to keep, but seem to be one of the most "disease-carrying" fish around. I've had a horrible time when purchasing guppies, they are constantly ill, always have come with some disease(s) or parasites at the time of purchase, and in general (for me anyway) have not been very hardy fish. I blame the mass-production, interbreeding, and finally the recirculated water systems used by many pet stores.

Sounds like you have some major issues going on. Give us an update and maybe we can get more details:
How long have you had the fish?
Are you overfeeding?
How often do you change the water and how much water do you change?

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