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I had no idea that the fish were in such distress. I feel really bad now. My tank is not in fact over stocked, I used a stocking calculator and did my research. Hood light is off to calm them. I am a little upset with my sister that she didn't tell me how to properly cycle the tank and make sure we had a test kit BEFORE we got the fish. This is all very upsetting and I wish I had known sooner. I called the local pet store where I will be getting my fish from now on due the fact they treat there fish better and are less likely to be diseased. I won't get the new fish till the test kit is here. The water change from last night has had a positive effect on the danios. I will as you advised continue to do a 25% water change daily. Thank you all for helping me get to the bottom of the problem. I am heart broken that this is likely my fault. All the fish seem well for now. Thanks again.

1 adult black molly - Buffy
14 Wonderful newborn fry - to be named
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Well... it sucks, but to be honest, MOST of us on here started out on the wrong foot in almost the exact same way. You and your fishies will get through it - it's really all about learning, and you didn't know any better - I'm betting your sister didn't know, either, so don't be too hard on her :)

I'm not sure what calculator you used, or what research you did prior to this mess, but if you look up the profile for Mollies, you'll find that they have a rather high bioload, and need a tank minimum of 20g. I have Mollies, I ALSO tried to put 2 of them into a 10g tank when I started off. I ALSO learned the hard way about cycling and stocking, and it is from pure experience that I pass this information along to you - a 10g tank is too small for a Molly. I'm sorry. . . look up the needs of that fish almost anywhere, and you should get that information. I won't argue with you about it - but I DO want to make sure you've been informed before any other creature comes to harm.

Good job turning the tank lights off and doing water changes. This will make a huge difference in getting everyone through this - be sure to keep it up for a few weeks. And please, do not add any more fish for a couple of months - if at all. It is really important that you allow your cycle to run its course and establish or you will only make things worse all around. This isn't the fish shop's fault - this is trouble caused by a cycling tank, and adding more fish into it will make more toxins in the water that can harm your existing fishies. . . if you add anything right now, see if you can get some fast-growing stem plants like Hornwort or Anacharis - or a floating plant. These will take in the toxins as 'food' and go a long way in fixing your tank much more quickly.

Best of luck!
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I'm glad to hear things are settling down for you. Chesherca is completely right in that many many many of us made similar mistakes starting out so don't feel too bad! I, because I switched from a 20gal to a 28gal ended up cycling my tank with African Dwarf Frogs and those are a lot less hardy than danios. I went to the big box pet store and got terrible advice.. it happens. They don't get appropriate training so they're just sort of guessing..

That was a good call to turn off the lights. Just keep an eye on them. The water test kit will give you an idea of where your parameters are and how far you are along in cycling.. but typically, at this stage you'll still need to do very frequent water changes regardless so just keep up with that until you know where your water actually stands.
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Thanks to everyone! My test kit arrived and my water is looking pretty good. Still waiting a bit before adding new fish just to be sure. All of the other fish are alive and very well. The glofish danios are getting brighter everyday and my molly just gets livleir and more of a personality. Thanks for your help in making my aquarium happy and safe. I am no longer supporting petsmart due to the way they treat their fish and the way they treated me when I went to get a refund. I also found out all of the mollies in the tank at the store ended up dying shortly after I bought mine so it probably was not my fault! I am thrilled to see my beautiful ecosystem right in my bedroom. Thanks again.

1 adult black molly - Buffy
14 Wonderful newborn fry - to be named
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Glad to hear things are looking up! Good luck!
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you should try a product called nitra-zorb by API thats what im using right now cause i have a really bad nitrite problem. my tank is not fully cycled yet cause it fairly new but it is stablizing the nitrites till the nitrite eating bacteria grow and the can stabelize itself. i got nitra-zorb at petsmart it may help your situation.
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