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Guppy vs Molly?

So I have had 3 guppies for a while now and they seem to get along with everyone. Well, today I bought two Molly and all 3 guppies are going after one of them. Aren't guppies suppose to be compatible or was I lied to at the store?
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What size is the tank? Are there any other fish in the tank? What sex are the guppies and mollies? When you say "going after" - are they chasing, ramming, harrassing, etc?
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its a 55 gallon community tank. Black skirt tetra (2), neon tetras (6), rummy nose tetras (5), cory catfish (4), a common pleco, female beta, black neon tetras (6), swordfish- a male and female (2), Dalmatian Molly - male (1).

It is a Golden Molly (I was told it was a female) that keeps being chased around. The 3 guppies who were already established in the tank seem to swim right next to the Golden Molly and when the Molly stops they seem to pick at the Molly's pectoral fins. They have never done that with any of the others when they were introduced. Really odd behavior. Oh and I haven't yet figured out the sex of the guppies..I'll try to distinguish them in the morning. The Golden Molly is adult size too, while the Dalmatian is still small.

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Sounds like you might wind up with some muppies.

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