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Exclamation Guppy with a stuck fin

OK, so I am not new to breeding guppies, nor new to the fish world, yet I have come across a new problem for me. I bought two male snake skins and three female guppies from PETCO (yes, I know, problem number one, but local stores had none I wanted) yesterday. Brought them home and separated them as follows: 1 male and 1 female to a tank with a few other fish in it (just got up in last week or so, which means potential for stability issues and for this to be another test fish); and 1 male and last two females into my five gallon tank which will be used for breeding. In addition, I added 5 fry, about 4 weeks old they look to be, into the breeding tank as well, as if they stayed at PETCO, dead to be sure. Both tanks have the following water conditions

PH: 6.8 and 7
Ammonia: Not traceable
Nitrate: None
KH: 3 Degrees

Found the male dead in my bigger tank (one with 1 male and 1 female) this morning, but female seems fine.
Found a dead female in my small tank this morning, and the other to follow a few hours later. 3 of the fry are dead, none showed the symptoms of the females. Here is the issue, last night, dead (then alive) female had her left fin stuck out, unused at all, found her dead this morning and other female the same way. Now she is dead and my male has the same fin issue.

This fin issue, with one stuck out and unused while other works fine is new to me, it seems not to hinder them, and there is no sign of rot, or damage of any sort to the fin, or any discoloration. No ideas, so any suggestions as to what is going on would be great. It looks like the male will end up dead shortly, and so I will flush that tank and start anew, with guppies from my local store instead (even though they don't have a local breeder to buy from).
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Correction to a mistype. My Nitrite is none, in addition to Nitrate.
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How big are the tanks? Did you say they where only setup a week ago. Sounds like an uncycled tank im pretty sure you should show some nitrate in a cycled tank.
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By set up, I mean set up for fish. And the one tank is 55 gallons, still in fish testing phase, and one is 5 gallons, designed for the breeding tank (hence two females and one male put into it).
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