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Guppy panicking!!!

i have 2 beautiful female platys that are always active and seem to be good friends, constantly following each other around and not fighting. they are also tank mates with 4 cherry shrimp. They are very active this morning. I turn on the lights at 3 every day and turn it off at 10 every night. today i turned on the lights and they greeted me with the same prancing around and rushing toward the glass and following my every move. I brought my mom in the room and the fish suddenly starting freaking out! they started crashing into everything and hiding under the filter. Later i approached the tank and they flipped out!!! almost jumping outta the tank! i put food in the tank, and when i left they started eating abit. I came close to the tank and they freaked out again T_T ive never seen them like this and they started acting like this so suddenly..

whats going on?

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have you changed ANYTHING with you ttank e.g water, ornaments, food, lighting etc.???

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I've seen this before in Platies,
They may come around on their own and they may not,
Sometimes adding a dither fish like a zebra danio helps,
Also taking away any hiding places, (don't cater to their fear) forcing them to come out and deal with it,
that's usually what I do..

Assuming it wasn't coincidence and you have something else going on in the tank..

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nope i havent changed anything. I fed them today and they came out to eat then immediately went straight to the filter. Theres is no place for them to hide except red ludwigia and microsword. its so weird 0_0 and i have experienced this with platies before also

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Maybe They had a cruel mom and ur mom reminded them about their mom :-S ..JK Dont be sad they will be normal soon just dont do anything unusual infront of them :D
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