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guppy fry tank size?

what size tank should i raise my guppy fry in? i currently have give or take 34 guppy fry in a 2.5 from ages 1 month to day year olds. what size tank can i keep them plus more guppy fry in?

29 Gallon:1 Tiger Oscar Cichlid
1 Comon Pl*co

Cycling 10 Gallon:25 guppy fry
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The bigger the tank, he faster mine seemed to grow. My first batch in November were kept 9 in a one gal. My growing batch are 16 in an eight gallon. These are all guppies. I would recommend 5 gal or more for your numbers.

30 gal
1gal corner tank

I own freshwater fish. My favorites are Guppies, and I am getting back into platies again after a few years.
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id do a 10 gal since you are going to keep them. and ur tank will not hold all the fries who have matured. so make plans for the future if u plan on keeping. not too big or they cant find food
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i will only keep some unless i actualy decide to get endlers from this guy around june first in which i will raise them to where they have some color or to around 2 minths in which i can sex them for some fry tht will be june first n i will sell them n restock my tank with endlers n breed those but if i keep any only like 5 at most
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the hard part about guppies is that the term "endler" is implied. ive had many stores pull guppies from the feeder guppy tank and call it an endler's live bearer and tried selling it for $10-20 per guppy. its quite hard to find a pure bred. actually its almost impossible. only way to get something close is to find someone who has been breeding and have obtain international awards for his/her species. most likely you will obtain a hybrid of endler/wild guppy if you do decide to buy it from someone.
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he bought them from an actual breeder that bought a pure stock and so all his are pure as well

29 Gallon:1 Tiger Oscar Cichlid
1 Comon Pl*co

Cycling 10 Gallon:25 guppy fry
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my endlers are pure bred, i got it from someone who had it pure bred and he even won an award.

.... i actually dont have endlers.....and you believed that?
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no i dont beleive u haha i dont think they give actual awards regarding fish unless u like find a buncha new species
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