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i have loads of guppy fry and my first batch has reached adult hood
i feed my fry liquifry 2
the little guys love it
they also will eat flake food if it is small enough
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I feed my guppy fry crushed flake food and liquifry (which you can buy online or in pet stores). My oldest fry are almost 3 months and have yellow tails, one is starting to get black spots on its tail like the mother. I also have some younger fry that are very dark, almost black, I am assuming these came from one of my mainly black males. I would be careful if you put your fry in with the adult guppies; almost all of my adult guppies eat the fry with relish but my females are massive, you might be ok if your adults are still quite small. My friend also keeps the fry with the adults with no problems as someone has already said. I keep mine in a large tank with minnows, tetras and barbs with no problems. A lot of my fry have died over the months for no apparent reason, I don't know if there is something wrong with them or if guppy fry have a high death rate? I still have more than enough left though!
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yes same i have had a few deaths as well not sure what caused it.
i have loads of fry so i decided to separate the females and males but soon after that i had to separate the big fry from the small fry.
my adult females are only 7, 8 or 9 months old
yesterday i bought another female and 2 female swordtails
i'm not sure how old the female guppy is but she is not any bigger than my others are
i also put the 2 female swords in and they don't mind the baby's
the baby's i put in anyway are about 3 to 4 months old
my male sword is in my 100 L tank
i had to move the female swords in with the females because my male guppies were not leaving them alone
what colours of guppies have you got ? mine are mostly orange and black but i have some unusual male with an orange tail, half black body and a white dorsal fin
i also have blue, white with black body and black body with yellow with black spots on it's tail
i have a couple of guppies that have colour on their body's but plain tails i'm not sure what they are?
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i have had a few deaths aswell
my adult females are only 7 to 8 or 9 months old
yesterday i got another female and 2 female swordtails
their not even bothering them
the baby's are about 3 to 4 months old
i had to move the female swords in with the female guppies because my male guppies won't stop chasing and bothering them
my male sword is now on his own
what fish and colours of guppies have you got?
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Oooh I am hopefully getting some swords tomorrow :D
How big are your biggest guppy fry? I thought mine were doing okay at almost 3 months but my friend gave me his 5 similarly aged fry yesterday and they're like double the size of mine! Am I doing something wrong or do you think it's just genes? One of the 'fry' he gave me even had one baby during the night!
Have you had any swordtail fry before?
I have a black tuxedo male guppy (black tail and half black body), one half black male with a flame coloured spotted tail and dorsal fin, one male which is like 'oil' rainbow colours and orange spotted flame tail and dorsal. My females are silver bodied with a blue tail, a yellow spotted tail, blue spotted tail, and 3 of them have orange/yellow spotted tails. By spotted I mean black spotted.
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Also, some of the much smaller fry my friend gave me, and one of the larger ones, are like a really weird pale gold colour - anyone had any guppies/fry like this? What did they turn out like? They are the same sort of colour as my golden white cloud mountain minnows, but all over and with blue / light eyes.
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my guppy fry are half the size of my guppy females
i have never had swordtails before i'm just glad they fit in well with the guppy's
they sure stand out next to the female guppies because they are much brighter than them
i have a 100L tank with the male swordtail in it my mum suggests getting a couple more male swords
does anyone know if this is ok?
your pale gold coloured fry i have seen on trade me the guy who was selling them said the father of the fry was a golden lyretail guppy no idea what that was??

when my swordtails have fry it will be an new experience for me cause i have never had swordtail fry
my male guppies are all chasing each other due to the lack of females who were separated

my fish tank was cloudy so
we took all the fish out and emptied nearly all the water out and within 2 days it was cloudy again my mum thought it was the carbon in the filter so we changed it but it made it even cloudyer
do you know what is wrong?
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Oh my friend had that problem, I think he said it was the nitrates but I'm not sure, you could google it or ask on here with more info about your tank included.
I didn't even know you could get lyretail guppies!
I really want to get swordtails from a proper breeder rather than a fish store but can't seem to find any around here :(
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my baby guppys started to show colour at around one month old .....and they are now 3 month old and 2 are identical to there yellow rounded tailed mom and the others are what i call tiger tails bodys and yello tails with black spots on them :):):).....i had in total 18 babys from 2 females and 4 died...2 of the babys were joined together....they died........out of the babys i have now at 3 month old there around 1cm long and one of the babys is around 2 ....she is huge compared to the length and belly size....i wundered does anyone know what age young female guppys are mature at .....because i have an adult male that iv had for awhile and think the biggest baby may be prednant...:):):).....hope this may help you

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yesterday i put all my 3 1/2 month old baby in the tank their all doing just fine there all in with the females because my males are aggressive to them the male baby's aren't mature yet so i guess that's ok for them to stay with my adult females???
i heard that guppy fry get their colour at 2 months some of mine don't even have their colour yet but some of the female fry have nice orange, silver and black all mixed in their tail.
why is this???
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