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Guppies and Tetras?

Hi! I currently have a 15g with gravel, driftwood, and 3 plants (planning to plant a lot more when stable). I recently put in 5 fancy guppies (all males). Didn't realize though they are a bit "wild".

Once stable, is it ok to add in about 4-5 Tetras (neon or cardinals)? If not, what schooling fish can you recommend.
Pls advise.
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Hi and welcome aboard, dahcmed.

I hope you have cycled your tank.
The following tetras I can recommend to your tank:
Beacon tetras, Lemon tetras and diamond tetras.
These are robust and should be ok with guppies. Just prepare Melafix for any possible nipping. Nipping behavior wears away once the tetras are used to the presence of guppies.

Pls monitor your pH level. Driftwoods can lower the pH and your guppies will not like it. However, your tetras will surely benefit from it but not your guppies.
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Salamat (Thanks!). I'll check those fishes out in a month or so, meanwhile guppies are going strong during this period of cycle :) I'm picking up some ph testers on Saturday (something I forgot to buy last week). I'm just doing a water change every other day to be safe.
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I didn't know you came from the Philippines.
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LOL. Yeah, I told him to come here from another forum I used to moderate. I said there are other Filipinos here.
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