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Guppies with red gills and ick

Ok, so a 2 weeks ago I bought some feeder guppies to start my tank with. I know feeders are are notorious for diseases but everything seemed to be ok to start. Any ways I noticed after a little wile that some of them looked a little read behind the gills, first one, then 2 more. I read on here that that usually means ammonia poisoning but when I tested my water nothing showed up for any of the chemicals. Nitrates seemed maybe just a hair above the 0 range but it was hard to tell. anyways I couple of days ago a couple of them began to get ick. I started treating the tank with quick cure but they kept getting worse. Then I turned the tank up to 85 because i read someplace ick cant survive in those kinds of temps. It continued to get worse for one day, but today it seems a little bit better, but they still have ick. Does anyone have any other ideas of what I can do, or what might be causing this. I know the ick is probably because they are stressed, and they are probably stressed by what ever is causing the the redish gills but does any one have a clue what that is. Now dont get me wrong, the gills aren't like really red, but more noticeable then i have ever seen on any of the platys or tetras I have had before (these are my first guppies).

Other information: I bought 2 males and 4 females. A female gave birth the second day and died, a male, an endler highbred, died the next evening. Two days ago another female gave birth, however from both births there are maybe 5 fry still swimming around, the rest gotten by the other fish.
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Are you using liquid or test strips? The strips are notoriously inaccurate, so if you're using those, you may have ammonia present, and it's just not showing up.
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I'm using the API liquid test kit
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Did you put the water they came in into your tank?
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