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Guppies "glancing"

This is a discussion on Guppies "glancing" within the Livebearers forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Hello, all. I have started a 29-gallon planted tank and have some guppies to help cycle. I now know a lot of people don't ...

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Guppies "glancing"

Hello, all.

I have started a 29-gallon planted tank and have some guppies to help cycle. I now know a lot of people don't like using fish to cycle, but I didn't learn about that until after the fish were in.

Anyway, I have noticed that occasionally some of my guppies will swim up to my dwarf sags and when they approach one of the leaves, they sit motionless momentarily, then they "glance" or "ricochet" off of the leaf. Anyone familiar with this behavior? Is this their form of scratching?

My tank is not completely cycled as of yet, but I am doing 30% water changes weekly, and my ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels are in the "safe" range at the moment.

The plants in the tank are helping with the cycle because my watersprite is growing great. I'm unsure which of the 3 (ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate) plants use or maybe all of them, but the watersprite is growing about 3/4"-1" daily.

I'm using a Penguin 200 Bio-Wheel power filter, a 10" bubble wand for aeration, a 100-watt heater. I never use tap water, but am using Wal-Mart brand Spring water. I have read not to use Distilled water, but would using mineral water be better?

Sorry for the long post, but thanks in advance for helping a noob. :P
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The behavior you are describing is called "flashing". Many fish exhibit this behavior and many times, it cannot be explained. My African cichlids "flash" constantly, usually on the rocks and substrate in their tanks. As for using fish to cycle your tanks, go ahead, there is nothing wrong with it. I have 46 years in the hobby, and I use the same cycling method you are using. So, feel at ease.
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