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Guppies or Endlers

I recently wanted to start a guppy tank rather cheap so I bought 3 pairs of adult guppies and 24 babies which where advertised as guppies. Now that they are starting to show their colors I'm questioning whether they are guppies or endless just wanted an opinion from you guys. Also when i bought the mystery fish i got females that have this weird curve in their spine, only two or three have it and no males do wondering if this was common or not.

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Those are common male guppies, they aren't Endlers..just the basic male guppy. The S shaped curve is probably a birth defect, but can also be a sign of fish tuberculosis. If it were me, I would cull them, as I wouldn't want them to pass on those genes if they end up breeding. Also it will probably get worse as they grow, and they usually don't survive an overly long time :/.
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I also have to agree I would get the crooked spine ones out asap either in there own tank where the cannot breed or cull them. Normally it is a genetic defect they will pass it on and normally they have a shorter life span.
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what is the best way to cull fish?

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If you are asking for the best way to euthanize them it is Finquel (MS-222). It is accepted as the most humane method in the trade. However, I understand that is a chemical not normally available to most people. Clove oil is a good alternative; it can be found at your local pharmacy. Here is an excerpt from this website, Euthanasia , about how to euthanize with clove oil:

Add 12 drops of Oil of Clove per 1 gallon (3.84 liters) of dechlorinated water. Oil of clove is very hard to mix so you may want to emulsify the clove oil by placing it in a smaller amount of water in a glass jar and shake well. Place the fish in a container large enough for it to move around freely along with an airstone on the highest setting and add the clove oil solution. The airstone will help keep the clove oil in solution. Once the fish turns on its side, watch the opercular movements (respiration/gill movements). The fish should be removed from the solution after at least ten minutes have passed since the last observed opercular movements (respiration/gill movements).
If you do euthanize your fish, please be kind to them. While the debate is still out in the scientific world, many of us believe that fish do feel pain and fear.


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