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Originally Posted by Blue
Originally Posted by blueblue48
wow complicated, i guess ill just let there color be there color! and i was thinking about that retaining sperm thing and maybe i could just leave the females in there to have kids and put the males in my community tank that way the females dont get hassled as much?
The fry as they grow will need to be monitored. By the time they reach 3 months, their sexes can be distinguished. Separate the males and females. Even siblings can mate and reproduce causing a production of inferior quality of fry.
ok i got it all figured out heres the plan. im going to see how the fry turn out this time just leaving them in the same tank with the adults, and i know theyll get eaten. by the next month after when there will be more pregnancies i will have had a 20-29 gallon setup for a small clown knife fish i want to get. ill have the oopen 10 gallon and maybe but another cause there really cheap(like 30 bucks and then i have to buy a heater) thats for seperating the fish. and if anyone doesnt like it hold me on this one but maybe use some of the many extra platies for feeder fish? just tell me if you think its wrong or i shouldnt because i know eventually ill have nowhere near the room for all the small fishies! now i might change the plan to making them not feeder fish if the petstore will buy them from me since its locally owned.
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You can use the platies as feeder fish, of course.:) Just make sure they are in healthy condition when feeding them to your predators. I can't stand doing this at times. I have a soft spot for fish.

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i a somewhat ripe spot for fish also, but only fish ive taken care of and owned for awhile (i.e. my goldfish and albino cories and hatchetfish) inless i see one thats extremely small or cute or something im ok with feedin them to the knife fish.
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