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got 2 new mickey mouse platys

i was wondering if i should put them in my ten g tan with my other fish or keep them seperate in a 5 g tank i got i want to breed i dont want them to be crowded in the other tank i got 4 tiger barbs and 5 zebra danios in my ten gallon tank and 2 corey cats the 5 gallon has been cyceled for a long time now just was waiting to put some fish in it
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Where are you going to put the fry if/when they breed?
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i am planing on in another mounth to get a 29 g tank and move the fish that are in my 10 g tank in it a start a platy/molly tank out of my 10 g tank i am going to keep some and and give some to freind that has a tank also
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have you checked the sex? the ratio should be 1 male to 2 females, as the male has a tendency to harass the females, and could potentially kill a female if there isn't another one, as he stresses her out. if your lfs mixed females and males together in a tank, then the female has a good chance of already being pregnant, and if she is she will give birth to a few batches of fry over the next few months as she can carry sperm in her body for a few months. good luck :D
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