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Question Fry Mystery over the Valentines Day weekend...?

Hi All!

As I said in my other thread that I had guppy fry on the weekend. To me it was my fish's valentines day gift to me! I caught the fry and put them seperate from the parents. I did a water change afterwards because I was due for one, cleaned excess floating debris (from the plants) with a net, and then cleaned my other tanks the same way. I started off with my Guppy tank because I wanted nice cleaner water for the new fry. On monday I find a fry the same size as the other in another tank! One single fry! In this tank I have 1 female Endler with 3 Panda Corys, the male Endler of the tank passed away a few weeks back.

So my mystery or my question really is... does this fry belong to the Guppies or the Endler? I had used the same net the whole day I seperated the fry and cleaned the tanks. Could the fry have gotten caught on the net and tranferred to another tank? More precisely into the second tank I cleaned that day. But on the other hand this fry was found two day after. Only time will tell.... (unless the lone fry turns out to be female making identification a whole lot harder).

This is my mystery. What are your thoughts?
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it could be from either because guppys and endlers can store you will just have to see when it grows up as to what it is :):):)

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at a guess id say the fry just hitched a ride to its new home in the net without you realising
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The fry is an Endler fry! You know why? I can see "through" the mother Endler where her gravid spot is, which I assume means she gave birth! I noticed this when I spent time after work to watch my fish when she swam near the light and I could see "through" her. I wonder what sex this fry will be...
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