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Fish ID?

Guppy perhaps? And please excuse my use of 'he' and 'him' if this fish is a female guppy. I've gotten so used to calling Remmy 'he' that it's stuck, whether he's a female or not.

I was wondering if any of you could give me a definite idea of what this guy is. He came to me with rosy red minnows. I didn't really take a closer look at him until the first night I brought home the three fish and got them set up in the tank. He's definitely not a rosy red, and not a comet goldfish, which were the only two types of fish being sold in the tank holding feeder fish. I swore up and down that he's a guppy, and a she for that matter, but my dad, who has extensive experience with tropical fish, says this is not the case.

So, guppy? If so, than I paid 12 cents for a fish that should have been around $2.

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Female mosquito fish to me.

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Did an image search. I think you're right on the money. Some of the photos coming up look just like my fish, and would explain a lot. I couldn't understand how a guppy would've been able to survive the horrid conditions of the feeder tank, but I did a lot of looking around and guppy was the only thing I could come up with. But this makes a lot more sense. Also, I don't see how a guppy could get mixed in with feeder fish anyway.

Thanks for the help.
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I've had guppies for 2 years and that's why it looks like to me

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although it has a liking to a mosquito fish
it is, in my experienced opinion, a female wild (or f1) guppy

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Whatever he is, I've had to put him in a separate tank. He's shown some cranky attitude lately, nipping at my black molly and chasing around one of the minnows almost non-stop. Do either guppies or mosquito fish commonly do that?
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Could be an Eastern Mosquitofish, they can be quite nippy.
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