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Exclamation New and need help!!

I am new to this, so I will give what information I do know.

I have a 30 gallon tank, it has 11 fish, 3 spices of gromies 2 of each, 2 iridescent sharks, 2 Molly's, 1 angel. I have a topfin power filter 75.

Tank has been up for 6 weeks now. Tuesday did a gravel clean and partial water change of about 15%. I changed 1 filter cartridge and rinsed the other. My water is still a milky color. Tuesday afternoon I took a water sample to the local pet store. I was told the ammonia level was high and I believe she said nitrates too. I do not know what the parameters are but she told me to add 3 cap fulls of Stress Zyme+ then 1 1/2 cap in a week and to add 1 1/2 caps of Ammo Lock every 2 days and she wanted me to bring in another sample of water on 6/3/13.

I did as I was instructed and it is Thursday morning and now I have a fish dying. One of the gromies.

Is there something else I should be doing? Not doing? Or something that will help this so I don't loose fish?

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Duall, you need an API freshwater test kit ASAP. You need to know for yourself what your ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates are. When a tank is cycling, it needs much more frequent monitoring so you know where you're at. You could lose fish if you don't know if you have high ammonia, nitrites or nitrates. I tested daily when cycling. Now that I have cycled tanks, I only test once or twice a month. Its about $25, but WELL worth it! I would be lost without mine. I don't want to depend on a pet store for occasional testing, that likely won't be very accurate, anyway. I want to know NOW, so I can fix the problem right away.

If the lady said your ammonia is high, then its probably nitrites that are also high, NOT nitrates. Ammonia goes up first, then nitrites, and finally, nitrates. When that happens, your tank is nearly cycled. But nitrates won't normally show up until toward the end, and at that point you should also have zero or nearly zero ammonia and nitrites.

Also, having live plants in the tank really helps.

If I were you, I'd be changing at least 30% of the tank water on a weekly basis. Not just 15%. Especially on a cycling tank. Even on my cycled ones, I do 30% each week.

Gouramis and sharks will often not get along, especially as they mature and get older. When they are babies, things can be a different story, and all seem to get along, then one day they are chasing, nipping and trying to kill each other. Angels can also be aggressive. Many people are surprised to hear that, but its the truth. Always research fish BEFORE buying so you know how big that fish will eventually get, and how aggressive they are, and what you can safely keep them with.

You were smart to change one filter cartridge and only rinse the other. Rinse in old tank water that you are changing out, NOT tap water. And never change both cartridges at once. I'm sure you already know this. You are probably having a bacterial bloom which sometimes happens in cycling tanks. It'll clear itself up in a few days, usually. Not usually a big concern.

I personally wouldn't use Ammo Lock. Just check your parameters frequently and do at least a 40% water change if any of your parameters are too high, like ammonia, nitrites or nitrates. That will solve your problem. You might find yourself having to do water changes every other day for a while, but that's cycling. After you are cycled, you won't have to worry about it again. I use Prime, as its cheaper than Stress Coat and lasts a lot longer. I use it for every water change, and even when topping off the water due to evaporation. Takes the chlorine out. I wouldn't use Stress Zyme if I were you. I don't think its necessary. Just Prime.

Most important though is the API test kit. You could so easily not know in time if one of your parameters is way too high, and that's when you lose fish. That could be what is happening with your gourami. If you have your own kit, you can test daily, or every other day (I did it daily when cycling) to make sure your fish are safe, instead of having the pet shop test it with strips, which are much less accurate. I wouldn't be without the test kit. They are lifesavers, literally! Go get one today if you can. You might still be able to save your gourami if you act fast. Keep us posted!

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20 gallonH - 1 Peacock Gudgeon, 2 Skunk Cories, 1 Sparkling Gourami. , one male betta, 2 nerite snails.

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I did a water change today of about 40-50%. I ordered the API master test kit Weds. So far all the fish get along, I already had the angel fish when we added the gouromi's and the girl at the fish store said the angel might nip at them, so far he hasn't. I forgot about the crab I have in there mainly cause you never see him hardley, so far he is the only one the angel fish messes with and he doesn't really mess with him and if he gets too close the crab lets him know about it. The tank was set up for my grandson, he is 8 and is a fish nut....he should really study to do something in that field. He loves sharks, he can tell just about all of them and knows a lot about them, we follow one research group on the intenet that tags them and shark week is a MUST around here lol.... so of course the first fish he had to have was a shark, the girl at pet store said this type of shark did better in pairs so we got 2 of them I would say they are about 3" long now. So far there is peace in the tank. Everyone seems to keep to themselves.

As for the tank tonight, the water is looking very clear tonight. I am gonna take a sample of water anyway to the pet store in the morning until my kit gets here. Just to keep a check on it, I have to go to town anyway. We did loose the gouromi though.

I have started some live plant bulbs to transplant once they grow but am going to get some to start while at the pet store tomorrow. When I started this tank I didn't know anything about live plants and their benifit. I have been doing a lot of research and a lot of ready over the last several weeks and live plants are something I am going to add.

Thank you for you advice I really appreciate it. You will probably see more post from me in future until I get the hang of this.
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Good to hear you did a nice big water change and ordered the API test kit. Your fish might get along fine when young, but they might not as they get older--I guess only time will tell. Fish have different personalities just like people. I've heard of people who also had mild angel fish--maybe you have one of those.

Do you like your crab? I've never had one. I have red cherry and ghost shrimp, but haven't tried a crab yet.

My grandson is also a shark lover! He's a little older-eleven. Its amazing, the amount of info these kids can retain when they're interested in something! A fish tank is good for teaching them responsibility too.

Sorry to hear you lost the gourami. I was afraid that would happen. Good that your water cleared up. I didn't know about live plants either when I started this fish hobby. I was using just artificial plants for a while. Live are so much better for the fish and the tank itself. Not to mention a lot prettier!

I've gotten so much advice and help from this message board. I think its one of the best out there when you have a problem. People generally jump right in to help. The board has gotten me through some tough times, including columnaris.

Keep us posted on your tank and fish! PM me anytime!

10 gallon- 8 Harlequin Rasboras, 1 female betta.

20 gallonH - 1 Peacock Gudgeon, 2 Skunk Cories, 1 Sparkling Gourami. , one male betta, 2 nerite snails.

55 gallon - 3 Turquoise Rainbows, 1 Boesemani Rainbow, 2 Australian Rainbow, 4 Gold Dust mollies, 1 L. Dorsigera, 2 White Cloud Mountain Minnows, 1 Honey Gourami, 3 Cherry barb, 1 Koi Angelfish, 4 female betta.
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