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A few questions about my mollies


First post

I have a general understanding of cycling and fish keeping. Iv had a 10 gallon tank for about a month now, fish-in cycling for roughly 2 and a half weeks.

Here are my stats thus far:

Ammonia: .25 ppm (This can't be helped, I have a .25 ppm reading in my tap water)
NitrItes: 0 ppm
NitrAtes: Just under 5 ppm
PH: 7.6 ppm.
Temp: 78 F
Fish: 1 female platy (still unknown lol. She's yellow/flashes of green? mostly black fin's). 1 female dalmation molly, 1 male black sailfin molly. A few molly fry (Don't have money for a fry trap yet..I didn't know I bought her while she was preggo!)

I use an API liquid master freshwater test kit. I try to test 3 times a day.

My question is this: My male sailfin is very aggressive twords my female dalmation at times. He often chases her, and butts in aggresivly for food during feeding. I noticed she is very timid, with constant clamped fins. She still eats normally, swims about the whole tank normally. Although I catch her alot of times swimming up and down the one side...imassuming it's due to the male driving the poor gal bonker's.

So im wondering, should I give her to a friend, and go buy another fish tomorrow? Id like to keep 3 fish in the tank for the time being. Can male sailfin black mollies be happy alone? Or should I buy another male molly? Or maybe another platy to keep my platy happy?

Suggestions and opinions are greatly appreciated - thanks!!
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Well you should buy water or get a filter, then. .25ppm of ammonia is toxic.

Get rid of the aggressor, not the aggress-ie. It will solve a bunch of problems down the road.

And sailfins are too big for a 10G. All mollies are IMO, but sailfins are the worst.
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Originally Posted by Cody View Post
Well you should buy water or get a filter, then. .25ppm of ammonia is toxic.

Get rid of the aggressor, not the aggress-ie. It will solve a bunch of problems down the road.

And sailfins are too big for a 10G. All mollies are IMO, but sailfins are the worst.

Don't have the money for that right now. I just got cut back from 40 hours a week to 18 at work...need to find another job

I was told to keep my nitrItes at 0 and keep my ammonia at .25, and eventually the nitrAtes will build up tolerance to my crappy tap water. I know it's toxic to the fish, but currently it's my only option unfortunatly. I wasn't planning for this out-of-the-blue hours cutback *tear*

Bleh...I like my black sailfin. He's so cute . Should I just get rid of the 2 mollies then and put in more platy's for my 1? Will that mess up my cycling?

Thanks :)
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Any amount of ammonia is toxic to fish. Here is a link on wha should occur in a normal cycle The Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle(mostly because I fail at explaining)however with that ammonia reading in your tap, every time you do a PWC you'll be putting ammonia in their water.....unfortunately I can't see you keeping many fish alive for long

If you can, you may have to go out and purchase water for them until you are able to get something to take care of the ammonia in your tap....
Any place in your house that had filtered water? Refrigerator or something?

I'd give away the mollies, but I wouldn't add any more fish until you get everything straitened out with your water.
Good luck
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I have a reading of 1.0 ppm of ammonia in my tap water and am able to keep very healthy fish. Once the filter gets cycled, the ammonia in the tap water is consumed fairly quickly after a water change. If I test immediately, I can sometimes detect 0.25 ppm after a large water change but an hour later I can never find any ammonia. The 0.25 ppm is higher than it should be for the long term health of the fish but it will go down as the tank becomes cycled. Bottled water with mollies is not an option due to the low mineral content of bottled water. Mollies need water that is high in mineral content and high pH.
I must agree that the sailfin, if it is a true sailfin, will get far too big for a 10 gallon. A true sailfin will grow to about 5 inches long and be quite large / heavy bodied. While you are cycling with fish in is no time to be adding any fish at all. If you decide to remove the sailfin, leave the tank with one less fish until it is done cycling. The water changes to control ammonia at no more than 0.25 ppm and to control your nitrites will get harder if you have more fish in there and easier if there are less.
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