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Originally Posted by dancelady View Post
Those tote containers seem pretty strong, they wash up every so often on the beach solid as a rock. So won't worry much about that. Your pool will fail a lot sooner. Have you thought about putting 2 of them inside each other just in case? Hate to imagine the awfulness of them failing on you with a ton of babies...

What happens if the temp of the water is less than 76F, will babies be runty or have growth problems? How does one locate a heater in a tote -- will it be too hot for the plastic? How did you get yours to be upright in the pool -- can you post a close up pix or describe that? Alrighty, enough for today...

Don't jinx me! Always a risk with big things full of water, especially in the house, and putting one in another would likely cause it to hold funny and crack(tried that with kiddie pools before, just not with fish). x.x

And below 76 degrees you slow their metabolism. This will slow their growth, yes, also risks food being digested too slow and rotting in their bellies making them ill, and since mollies like really warm water(they prefer it around 80F), it wont be comfortable. It also ups the risks of fungal infections and MANY types of illness and disease. Bad, bad.

Heater...you sticky them to the side with those rubber suction cups they come with. Holds them away from the bin itself and so wont hurt it. Ever notice how when you put your hands near it really doesn't give off much heat(not enough to burn or even get uncomfortable), but you touch them and burn yourself? lol Speaking of burning, I did that the other day on my huuuge heater. Blistered my hands. The light was being odd, thing is old, but oh boy does it still work just fine. >>; Can't feel much around it, but it does its job. I initially put something under mine, but then I realized it doesn't heat at the bottom or top, nice heater. =)
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Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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